.NET to Javascript compiler

Client site components

In this area you can
  • download assemblies to use them in your projects for free
  • upload your assembly in order to enable its use for everyone. Your uploaded assembly will be inserted in the catalog.
    The assembly's attributes will be used to extract and display meta information (author, description, ...).
    The already uploaded assembly version will be overwritten.
  • You can remove your already uploaded assembly from the catalog any time.
Attention. Only assemblies which are signed with strong names may be uploaded. The strong name will be used to check rights for overwrites and removes.
Attention. AssemblyFileVersion has to be greater than the version which has already been uploaded/deleted to permit overwriting or deleting.
Attention. Assembly will be obfuscated and only the obfuscated assembly version will be saved in the catalog. The original assembly version will not be saved on the server.

All published assemblies can be compiled in javascript.
That is why the assemblies cannot contain any viruses or trojan codes.
The upload procedure checks the assembly and displays errors if code cannot be compiled to javascript.
For example System.File.Open("c:\x.txt") - code cannot be compiled to javascript because the type System.File is implemented neighter in core part of JScriptSuite nor in any already uploaded assembly. The uploaded assembly will be re-signed with JScriptSuite internal 8a2794a72fa6407c PublicKeyToken. Assembly wwith this signature has been checked by JScriptSuite.
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